2016/04/2605/16 演講:IEEE Distinguished Lecturer: Dr. Earl Mccune -- Embrace Circuit Nonlinearity to get Transmitter Linearity and Energy Efficiency  
2015/11/2512/09 演講: IEEE Distinguished Lecturer: Dr. Dale Becker -- Considerations for Advancing Technology in Computer System Packaging  
2015/11/2412/02 演講: IEEE Distinguished Lecturer: Prof. Herbert Zirath -- Design of Millimetre-wave Multifunction Integrated Circuits for Data Communication and Remote Sensing Applications  
2015/08/1008/12 演講:Mr. See Gim Kerk -- TV White-Space Deployment for the Advancement of Smart Grid  
2015/06/18[歡迎報名參加] 07/14(二) 2015 IEEE Distinguished Lecture -- Towards Greener Smartphones with Microwave Measurements  
2015/05/0705/22 演講:[2015 IEEE Distinguished Lecturers系列講座] Dr. Xiaoning Ye -- VR Switching Noises in Computer Systems - Coupling Mechanisms and Mitigation Approaches  
2014/08/0408/07 演講: Mr. Rich Kennedy -- i) TV White Spaces and 802.11af, ii) Regulatory/spectrum policy issues and FCC open items  
2014/05/0505/09 演講: Prof. H. Sama Nwana -- Telecommunications, Media and Technology (TMT) for Developing Economies  
2014/01/10[2014 IEEE Distinguished Lecturers系列講座] Prof. Zhi Ning Chen -- Substrate-Integrated mmW Antennas at 60-270 GHz  
2013/09/12[時間更正] Mr. Jeffrey Yan & Dr. Amer Hassan -- Towards an Inclusive Global Village: Connecting the Other Billions  
2013/09/02[2013 IEEE Distinguished Lecturers系列講座] Prof. Takashi Ohira -- Wireless Power Transfer via Wheels to Running Electric Vehicles  
2013/04/2304/23 演講: [2013 IEEE Distinguished Lecturers系列講座] Prof. J. C. Chiao -- Implantable Wireless Medical Devices and Systems  
2012/11/07Mr. Ghery S. Pettit-- CISPR Standards for ITE  
2012/10/12[2012 IEEE Distinguished Lecturers系列講座] Prof. Christian Schuster -- Physics and Modeling of Vias in Printed Circuit Boards  
2012/07/26IEEE Distinguished Lecturers系列講座: Multiphysics Method for High-Power Electromagnetics  
2012/07/23黃正能教授-- Automated Human Tracking and Behavior Analyses in Large Scale Camera Networks  
2012/06/06IEEE Distinguished Lecturers系列講座: Soft Magnetic Thin Film Applications at Radio Frequencies  
2012/06/04單驥教授 -- 生活、經濟與政策  
2012/05/30Mr. Peter Lemmens-- Disruptive Technologies for the future generation of multifunctional smart systems  
2012/05/28黃志煒 教授-- An Opportunistic Approach for Video Over Cognitive Radio Networks  
 黃肇雄董事長 -- What Makes the Engineering Talents in Next Generation?  
2012/05/25Prof. Donald Y.C. Lie-- Design of Si-Based High-Efficiency RF Power Amplifiers and Transmitters Using Envelope-Tracking for Mobile Broadband Wireless Communications  
2012/05/14Prof. Fred B. H. Juang 莊炳湟院士-- Machine Learning for Problem Solving  
2012/05/07Dr. I-Hsiang Wang 王奕翔博士-- Cooperative Interference Management in Wireless Networks  
2012/04/30曹昱博士 -- Some Challenges and Recent Advances in Speech Technology  
 高甫仁教授 -- Coming Opportunities for Nonlinear Optical Microscopy - with focus on molecular dynamics imaging  
2012/04/25柯智偉 處長-- 手機晶片與基頻處理器設計的挑戰  
2012/04/23Prof. Pei-Jung Chung -- Signal Detection in Sensor Array Processing: A Multiple Hypothesis Testing Approach  
2012/04/16朱祁欣副理-- 關於專利二三事  
 曾煜棋院長--Body Sensing : Some Data Processing Techniques  
2012/04/11詹益仁 所長-- 由Apple談台灣的產業  
2012/04/09Prof. Chee Wei Tan-- Advances in Optimal Power Control  
2012/04/02劉黎兒小姐 -- 從人文思考來探討核災、核電的真相  
2012/03/31呂學士教授--Microchips for Medical Electronics  
2012/03/28牛志升副院長-- 能效與資源優化的超蜂窩體系新架構  
2012/03/24李夏新經理--Status and Development of Telematics Technology  
2012/03/21毛紹綱教授 -- Recent Advances in Metamterials and Microwave Circuits for Wireless Applications  
2012/03/19Prof Sun-Yuan Kung (貢三元教授) -- Training and Classification Efficiencies of Kernel Methods: From Regression Analysis to Machine Learning  
 Prof. Armand M. Makowski -- On the Random Pairwise Key Predistribution Scheme of Chan et al.  
2012/03/14IEEE Distinguished Lecturers系列講座:Prof. Madhavan Swaminathan--Multi-scale and Multi-physics Modeling: Their Role in 3D Integration  
2012/03/05Dr. Min-Hsiu Hsieh--Quantum Rate Distortion, Reverse Shannon Theorems, and Source-channel Separation  
 陳建中教授 -- A Human Vision Model for Image Quality Assessment  
2012/02/29Dr. John H. Lau--Recent Advances and New Trends in Nanotechnology and 3D Integration for Semiconductor Industry  
2012/01/09陳曉華教授--Chip-Level Space-Time Coding for Next Generation MIMO Systems  
2012/01/04Prof. Qiang Chen--Modulated Scattering Technique in EM Measurement and Multi-Antenna Construction  
2011/12/2012/21 演講:Kaushik Sengupta--Bridging the 'THz' gap: Fully Integrated Large Scale THz Circuits and Systems in Silicon  
2011/12/1912/28 演講:林本堅院士--Scope and Limit of Lithography Till the End of Moore's Law  
 12/26 演講:胡紀如教授--Development of Eco-friendly Green Chemical Products  
 12/23 演講:Dr. Chaoming Song--Scaling Theory in Complex Networks and Human Mobility  
2011/12/0912/19 演講:Prof. Truong Nguyen -- Three grand problems in 3D video processing research: Disparity estimation, view synthesis and quality metric  
2011/12/0612/16 演講:Green Wireless Communications:A Time-Reversal Paradigm  
 12/12 演講:陳垣崇院士--Genomic Medicine to Improve Patient Care and Safety: From Laboratory to Clinic and to Hollywood  
2011/12/0212/5 演講:Prof. Sen-ching Samson Cheung-- Magic mirror to Autism: using computational multimedia for video self-modeling therapy  
2011/11/1411/30 IEEE Distinguished Lecturers系列講座:Microwave Near-Field Imaging of Human Tissue: Hopes, Challenges, Outlook  
 11/21 演講:紀緯祥 經理-- 如何樂在工作? 職涯規劃討論  
2011/11/0911/16 演講:謝宗瑩協理 -- 微波工程師要知道的十件事  
 11/14 演講:胡正明院士 -- What I Know about Innovation  
 11/17 演講:Dr. Radia Perlman -- Making Data Disappear  
2011/11/0111/11 演講:Prof. J?rn Ostermann-- Video Processing  
2011/10/2711/2 演講:Dr. Jian Mao--The Innovations for Radio Technology in New Generation Wireless Communications  
 10/31 演講:簡立峰總經理--Opportunities and Technology Challenges for Search Engines in the Mobile Internet  
2011/10/1310/19 演講:Dr. Dale Becker -- Electromagnetic Modeling and Channel Simulation in Computer System Design  
 10/17 演講:舒維都教授--Innovation: An MIT CSAIL Perspective  
 10/17 演講:林靖茹博士--Random Access Heterogeneous MIMO Networks  
2011/09/159/28 演講:童玉瑋總工程師 -- 突圍─全球化的商機與競爭中的微波創業  
 9/26 演講:唐鼎強副處長--行動通往未來-行動通訊裝置的技術趨勢  
2011/09/099/26 演講:蘇國賢教授 -- 社會學中的社會網路分析  
 9/21 演講: Prof. Deborah Estrin-- Participatory mHealth: Opportunities and Challenges  
 9/28 IEEE Distinguished Lecturers系列講座:Multiport Vector Network Analyzer - from the beginning to modern signal integrity applications  
2011/08/09[Intel中心邀請演講] 8.12 (Fri.) 15:00-16:00/ Unified algebraic theory of sorting, routing, multicasting, and concentration networks  
2011/07/227/29 演講: Prof. Ramesh Raskar -- Future of Imaging and Photography: from low cost medical devices to cameras that can Look around corners  
2011/07/198/8 演講: Prof. C.-C. Jay Kuo-- Introduction to Next Generation Video Coding Standard: HEVC  
 8/3 演講: Prof. Ali Hajimiri -- Holistic Circuits for Future High Frequency IC\'s  
2011/07/077/15 演講:Prof. Chengshan Xiao -- Globally Optimal Linear Precoders for Finite Alphabet Signals Over Complex Vector Gaussian Channels  
2011/06/237/1 演講:Prof. Mrityunjoy Chakraborty-- A SPT Treatment to the Realization of Sign-LMS Based Adaptive Filters  
2011/06/106/15 演講:Prof. Neville C. Luhmann, Jr.--Millimeter Wave and THz Technology Developments for Ultra Wideband Communications, Radar, Active Denial, and Magnetic Fusion Plasma Imaging  
 [Intel中心邀請演講] 6.21 (Tue.) 14:30-15:30/ Computing by Symmetry  
2011/06/07[Intel中心邀請演講] 6.14 (Tue.) 3:30-4:30PM Prof. Tony Q.S. Quek / Two-Tier Femtocell Networks – Throughput Analysis and Optimization  
2011/05/255/30 演講:平雲發行人 -- 從預言家日報到出版業的未來  
2011/05/195/25 演講:郭維德博士-- EMC Design Challenges in Future Image Display IC Development  
2011/05/135/23 演講:陳彥光博士 -- Benefits and Challenges of Multi-Core Architectures  
2011/05/125/18 演講:鄧震球資深協理 -- The Challenges and Opportunities of Electrical Validation  
2011/05/115/23 演講:Prof. Chih-Chun Wang-- "Exotic" Routing Protocols for Wireless Mesh Networks  
 5/11 演講:Dr. Hsin-Chin Chang -- 從智慧手機微小化看電磁的挑戰與機會  
2011/04/265/2 演講:廖弘源 博士-- Some Recently Developed Video Processing and Search Methods  
 5/2 演講:姚孟肇所長 -- The Dynamic Genome  
2011/04/184/27 演講:Dr. Stephane Mallat -- Invariant Image Classification by Multiscale Scattering  
2011/04/154/25 演講:曾煜棋 副院長-- 體感 (Body Sensing)  
 4/18 演講:黃明三處長 -- Innovation @ HTC MAGIC Labs  
2011/04/114/11 演講:李世光執行長 -- 從Serendipity看跨領域團隊建立與開放創新研究  
 4/16 演講:林丁丙博士-- Radio Receiver Architectures  
2011/01/111/14 演講:Dr. Julius C. Shu 許清煌博士-- Systems Engineering Roles on the Development of GPS System  
2011/01/061/18 演講:謝明修博士-- Quantum Communication: What You Can Do With A Quantum Channel  
2011/01/041/5 演講:許壽國 博士-- Technology Trends Related to SI/PI/EMC in Real World  
2010/12/2212/27 演講:丁建均教授-- Integer-to-Integer Transform   
2010/12/2112/27 演講:陳信宏院長 -- 中文語音韻律模型之建立及其應用  
2010/12/1412/22 演講:黃懷慎副總經理-- 無線微波系統的民生應用與產業發展趨勢  
2010/12/1012/20 演講:葉素玲教授 -- Multisensory Perception:Space, Time and Consciousness  
2010/12/0712/13 演講:朱國瑞教授 -- 高功率微波-過去及現在  
2010/12/0312/13 演講:鄭傑 教授-- Constructions of Optical Queues With a Limited Number of Recirculations  
2010/11/1211/25 IEEE Distinguished Lecturers系列講座:The Exotic World of Metamaterials and its Relevance to EMI/EMC Engineers  
2010/10/1910/25演講:楊瑪利 女士 -- 新台灣之光100  
 10/20演講:Prof. Daniel Costello--LDPC Convolutional Codes: Approaching the Shannon Limit with Structured Irregularity  
2010/10/1310/18演講:Prof. Kuo-Chu Chang 張郭竹 教授-- Volatility Smile – On Option Pricing and Trading Strategies  
2010/10/0410/11演講:曾永華 院長 -- Carbon Electronics and Beyond   
 10/11演講:洪樂文 教授-- Secret Communications in the Physical Layer-- Limited Feedback and Channel Estimation Issues  
2010/09/2910/1演講:吳群 教授-- Recent Research Activities of EMC, Antennas and Microwaves in Harbin Institute of Technology  
2010/09/209/27演講:林智仁教授-- An Introduction to Machine Learning Research  
 9/24演講:Prof. Kwo Ray Chu 朱國瑞教授-- The Electron Cyclotron Maser  
2010/09/169/20演講:林基興博士-- 電磁波的健康效應  
2010/09/069/13演講:胡務亮 主任 -- Genetic Information, Genetic Diagnosis and Gene Therapy  
2010/08/248/26演講:Prof. Sun-Yuan Kung-- Making Machine Learning Computations Greener   
2010/08/199/21 中華電信專題講座  
2010/08/188/23 Prof. Weng Cho Chew 周永祖 教授-- Computational Electromagnetics, Wave Physics, and Quantum Mechanics  
 8/27 Prof. Andrzej Jajszczyk-- Quality of Network Resilience: Challenges and Solutions  
2010/07/27Prof. Jin-Fa Lee -- EM Research Status at OSU  
2010/07/13On The Capacity of Distributed Resource Allocation  
2010/06/106/10 IEEE Distinguished Lecturers系列講座:EMC/EMI Issues in Biomedical Research  
2010/05/31朱雲鵬 教授 -- 產業發展的瓶頸  
2010/05/19許炳堅 處長-- 21世紀年輕人看到未來、擁抱未來、戰勝未來  
2010/05/172010 IEEE Distinguished Lecturers系列講座:How to Keep 100B Transistors Busy for Cellular Communications and Beyond  
 99.05.17(一) Prof. Gerhard P. Fettweis 演講簡報  
2010/05/12Professor H. Y. David Yang -- Electrically Small Metamaterial Folded Antennas for Wireless Systems  
2010/05/10涂元光 所長 -- 影像多媒體技術應用  
2010/05/03陳文村 教授 -- 我國資通訊發展,兼談學術生涯歷程  
 Dr. K. R. Krishnan -- Joint Optimization of Transmission Schedule and Routing for Network Capacity in Wireless Networks  
2010/04/30Dr. Kenneth K. O -- Toward CMOS Terahertz Circuits  
2010/04/19王垂堂處長 -- Miniaturization Technology for Wireless SiP Module Design  
2010/04/09Dr. Archambeault-- Common Mode Signals on Differential lines and their impact to EMC  
2010/03/29嚴震東主任 -- Behavioral Electrophysiology  
2010/03/242010 IEEE Distinguished Lecturers系列講座:Signal Integrity of TSV Based 3D IC  
2010/03/22王崇智 先生 -- 如何提升 全球化挑戰下的競爭力  
2010/03/172010 IEEE Distinguished Lecturers系列講座:Radio Frequency Integrated Circuits for Adaptive Antenna Beamforming  
2010/03/15李文雄 院士 -- 我的求學與研究經驗  
 2010 IEEE Distinguished Lecturers系列講座: Autonomous Aero-Visual and Sensor Based Inspection Network for Asset Monitoring  
2010/03/08Spectrally Precoded OFDM  
2010/03/01A Journey of Engineering Career  
2009/12/21IEEE Distinguished Lecturers系列講座:Channel Capacity and Coding Problems Motivated by The Powerline Channel Model  
2009/12/17TV Band Cognitive Radio Networks  
2009/12/07Sphere Decoding And The Complexity Problem In Space-time Coding  
2009/11/19An Introduction to S-Transform for Time-Frequency Analysis  
 Group Decodable, Fast Decodable and Half-Symbol Decodable STBC's  
2009/11/10On the Concept of Electromagnetic Metamorphism and Applications  
2009/11/09Space-Time Codes with Fast Maximum-Likelihood Decoding  
2009/11/02Equitable Allocation of Resources in Networks and Location Problems  
2009/10/29New approach for Joint Channel Estimation and Data Detection in MIMO Wireless Systems and on Synchronism of WiMAX Systems  
2009/10/28Advanced Motion Vector Estimation Techniques for Video Coding  
2009/10/212009 IEEE Distinguished Lecturers系列講座:Global Stability Analysis and Stabilization of Power Amplifiers  
2009/09/16Advances of Composite Right/Left Handed Structures for Microwave Applications  
2009/09/03Prof. Pin-Han Ho--A Framework of Coded Video Multicast  
2009/07/07演講:Network coding—A paradigm shift in data transport  
2009/06/01演講:Radio Resource Allocation for MIMO/OFDMA Systems  
2009/04/27演講:On the 3G+ broadband Wireless Communication standards: LTE and WiMAX  
 演講:Color Image Processing: Basic Foundation and Interesting Problems  
2009/04/20演講:Toward A New Communication Paradigm via Cooperation  
2009/03/18演講:The Development of Maxwellian Circuits  
2009/03/09演講:Blind channel estimation and synchronization in redundant block transmission systems  
2009/01/051/5演講:Cross-Layer Optimization for Wireless Networks: Top-Down or Bottom-Up Design?  
2008/12/19演講:Challenges and Opportunities in 3D Heterogeneous System Integration  
2008/12/152008 IEEE Distinguished Lecturers系列講座(三):Adaptive Transmission & Resource Allocation Techniques for Broadband Communications  
2008/11/262008 IEEE Distinguished Lecturers系列講座(二):Miniaturization of Ultra-wideband Antennas  
2008/11/122008 IEEE Distinguished Lecturers系列講座(一):Heterogeneous Wireless Communication Devices: Present and Future  
2008/02/21The Next Wireless Wave is CMOS, Gb/s and Cognitive  
2007/12/19IEEE Distinguished Lecturers系列講座(四):Next Generation Handset Transmitters  
2007/12/17IEEE Distinguished Lecturers系列講座(三):Design of RF-CMOS Integrated Circuits for Wireless Communications  
 IEEE Distinguished Lecturers系列講座(二):Distributed Estimation Using Wireless Sensor Networks  
2007/12/10Random-set Theory and Its Applicatoins to Wireless Communications  
2007/11/261.Video Coding: Predictions are hard to make, especially about the future  
2007/11/14IEEE Distinguished Lecturers系列講座(一):演講簡報  
 IEEE Distinguished Lecturers系列講座(一):Research Challenges in Cognitive Radio Networks  
2007/07/12AVS Standard - from Idea to Practice' Forum  
2007/05/18NTU Wireless Technology Summit 2007  

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